• I first contacted AMT to find a proctor for my daughter's online school exams. It quickly became apparent Paul was a dedicated, very intelligent and thoughtful guy who actually cared about his business, and about the students and tutors he works with. We've been homeschooling for over 5 years and have never needed to use a tutoring service. However, we had hunted in vain for an exceptional math tutor for our oldest daughter, and decided to see if the additional cost was worth it. It completely and totally was. We are thrilled with the tutor and with the way she and Paul conduct themselves at every juncture. I would recommend AMT without reservation, and would never use anyone else. Paul is the real deal.StanfordOHSSqB

    Abbi W.Parent of Stanford Online High School student
  • After searching for a tutor for my son for several months, I stumbled upon Alma Mater Tutors. Paul spent a good deal of time talking to me about my son and calming my fears. He matched my son up with Dan to help with math, and Leah for English. Within weeks my child's grades began to change for the better.  I not only see the improvement on test scores, I also see a difference in his confidence and his approach to his studies. His entire school experience has changed. Most notable is how he is able to take what he has learned from his tutors about studying and apply it to his other classes. I cannot recommend Alma Mater Tutors highly enough. I am eternally grateful to Paul and his team. Beverly_Hills_High_School_crest

    Allison B.Parent of Beverly Hills High School Student
  • I recently needed a proctor for my MBA mid-term exam, and I wanted it to happen on a weekend since I didn't want to take a day off from my work for the exam. I found Alma Mater through a reference, and I immediately wrote to them for my proctoring need. Paul responded promptly and after we agreed upon the terms, he started the process right away to set up my exam schedule for the very next weekend available. Within a couple of days, I was done with the process and was able to enroll for my next courses since Paul had submitted the exam back to the institution on the same day that I took the exam, and I received the graded results quickly. I have to add here that I was very pleased after meeting Paul. He came across a very thorough professional and nice person to work with. Since Paul provides college counseling also to the high schoolers, I am certainly going to engage him for my older daughter's college ambitions so that she can get the right direction and guidance to pursue her educational goals, and career. For anyone who is looking out there for tutoring or proctoring services, look no further than Alma Mater. You will be very pleased with your decision. Good luck Paul. Keep up the great work!

    Ajay C.
  • I am so glad I found Alma Mater Tutors. Paul (the president) has been very helpful and patient with me. He went out of his way to help me with my personal statement and interview preparation. I couldn’t have asked for more.

    Quynh N.Accepted to Roseman College of Pharmacy, 2013.
  • Paul, the owner of this company, has found a host of amazing veteran tutors to launch this new company!!! I have known him since grade school (15 years) and he is an honest, hardworking, funny and kind business man (and friend). He stands behind his service and I guarantee you will be more than satisfied with him and the quality of all his tutors. He will definitely make you a fan!

    Merritt H.
  • I have worked with Paul since the birth of Alma Mater! I just love working with him. He's the most professional person I have ever worked for! He is ON TOP of everything. His tutor/student matching skills are phenomenal. Every time he assigns a student to me, he makes sure to give me a detailed description of the student's personality and needs. Also, he takes such great care of his tutors. He checks with me on a regular basis to see how the students are doing and to see if there's anything he can do to help! 🙂

    Grace F.
  • This review is long overdue!  I have been a repeat client of Alma Mater (and Paul) for proctored testing over the past year.  As a student of UC Berkeley Extension, I found myself in need of a proctor for each of my exams over the course of several semesters.  A Google search led me to Alma Mater, and I called and gave my information to a very friendly receptionist.  Not long after, Paul contacted me by phone to set up my exam date.  He was professional, thorough, and incredibly friendly!  He was also available any time or day that worked for me! We agreed to meet at a location not far from either of us (a public library) on my exam date, and he arrived early, prepared with my printed exams and all of the necessary documentation from the school for me to complete - I didn't have to worry about a thing!  We found a quiet space and after I had signed my forms, he explained the procedure, and allowed me to begin my exam.  He sat quietly, working on his laptop until I was finished, and reviewed my work to make sure it was ready to be submitted. The next few times we met were exactly the same; consistently perfect!  We ran into several issues of distractions from other library patrons, and Paul was determined not to let those distractions impact my exam performance.  He kindly asked others to lower their voices, and in one instance, requested assistance from a librarian to enforce the rules when some teenagers were being extremely loud and obnoxious. I can't say enough good things about Paul.  He goes out of his way to make an unpleasant task (exams, ugh!) stress-free and comfortable.  He is punctual and fully prepared each and every time, doesn't reschedule, doesn't cancel, just makes it easy from start to finish. On top of that, he's kind and funny, and the process is just like hanging out with a friend, which definitely helps the nerves go away!  Thanks to Paul and AMT for many pleasant experiences!UCBSq

    Amanda G.UC Berkeley Extension
  • I recently took a class from UC Berkeley and had to take a proctored final exam.  Organic Chemistry...just the name of the class strikes terror into the hearts of the most learned students. I was terrified of the final. I called around, looking for a place where I could take my exam.  Finding a proctor isn't as easy as you'd think...in fact, it's quite difficult.  Libraries don't do it (contrary to what the university says).  Proctoring centers treat you like a criminal (roll up your sleeves, pull up your shirt, etc...).  A friend of mine said that when she went for her proctored exam, she was so stressed by the patdown beforehand she was mortified and humiliated by the time she started the final.  I'm 47 years old and don't need that sort of treatment. When I read the reviews of Alma Mater, and of Paul specifically, I was heartened. I called, and he was so sweet.  He seemed to care more about my comfort than anything else.  He (and I) had to deal with delays in receiving the final exam, and he was constantly rescheduling my exam due to the university's delays. Finally, the day came, and I met him at the Beverly Hills Library. (His recommended location.) He was spot on vis-a-vis this location.  It was quite posh, very comfortable, and quiet.  He brought everything I could possibly need- extra paper, pens, pencils, and even earplugs.  He left me alone, except to check on me from time to time to be sure I was doing well.  He kept reiterating that his top priority was MY comfort. Paul is super professional, and very caring. If it wasn't for his caring self, I think I'd have panicked my way into blowing the final. Because of how comfortable he made me, I passed with an A! Look no further--it's worth the drive.  (I drove 2 hours to get to him.)  Paul rocks and if/when I do another proctored exam, I will look no further. UCBSq

    Kristin C.UC Berkeley Extension
  • It’s no secret- I hate math. Detest it, really. But, a year after I left college, it was the only thing standing in the way of me receiving my BA. I finally decided to take an online course from my college back in New York to finish my degree, and soon, the date for the final was upon me. However, I was at a loss to find a proctoring service. Everywhere I went to turned me away as soon as I mentioned that I could only take the test over the weekend, or told me about a complicated process where I would have to fill out paperwork, wait at least a week for someone to approve me, and then, IF they did, fill out some more paperwork and wait for further instruction. Frustrated, and at a loss for time, I went to Google and found a link to Alma Mater Tutors. A few moments later I was on the phone with Paul, the president of the company, who, after I explained my predicament (including the fact that I had to take the test THAT weekend), said: Great! How does Saturday work for you? It was that simple. Paul kept in touch with me throughout the week, updating me on the communication between him and my professor, and answering any questions I had. Paul is incredibly personable and dedicated to setting up the best testing experience for you. He set up my exam at the West Hollywood Public Library, reserving a study room overlooking the Hollywood hills. He even offered to play some music for the tests duration- turning on the Pandora station of my choice so I didn’t have to listen to mind-numbing silence for two hours. I have never been more at ease taking a math exam in my life! To put it simply: If you need a proctoring service, look no further. Alma Mater Tutors will work with even the most insane schedules, make sure that you are well-informed every step of the way, and vanquish any test anxiety you may have. Thank you, AMT!4NpA3acw

    Marina M.SUNY New Paltz
  • Paul has consistently provided excellent tutors to support our daughter academically. Beyond that, he has invaluable insight into learning styles and an uncanny ability to match personalities. We have worked with other tutoring companies and none can match Alma Mater’s standards or experience.Windward_school

    Rosemary S.Parent of Windward School student
  • He’s a delight to deal with, treating his students and tutors with care and respect. A fair and honest businessman, Paul is a delight to work with. He truly cares about education, making sure his students get the best programs and tutors.

    Grace FragaTutor and Professional Spanish Teacher
  • We hired Alma Mater Tutors for my husband’s little brother and have been incredibly impressed with the services of both the company and the tutor assigned. We found AMT online and things couldn’t have worked out better. If you’re looking for a top-notch tutoring company that really cares about helping kids achieve success, this is it. Paul (the owner) volunteers with Minds Matter, an organization that works to prepare kids from low-income families for college. He’s completely committed to ensuring that your child and his or her tutor work together to achieve your goals.

    Miriam M.
  • As one of Alma Mater Tutor’s employees, I have been consistently impressed by Paul’s supportive, encouraging, and dedicated approach to management. He is committed to ensuring AMT provides the highest quality tutoring services available. I strongly recommend Alma Mater Tutors!

    Leah H.Teacher at The Marlborough School
  • Paul’s careful deliberation, amenability, and overall desire to help all students succeed have contributed to the successful tutor/student relationship I have with all of my clients. His capacity to connect with parents and quickly assess both their needs, as well as the needs of their child, is extraordinary.

    Jamie S. MackinTeacher at Santa Monica Boulevard Community Charter
  • Paul is an honest, hard-working leader. He is accommodating, straightforward, and talented – a pleasure to work with. Not only does he have the best interest of the students in mind, but also the desire to match the best teachers with those students. Ultimately, these dynamic skills achieve the results you desire.

    David R.Credentialed Teacher and Tutor
  • I had special circumstances when I was applying for school. Paul's extensive knowledge of the application system gave me the tools I needed to achieve my goals. I would highly recommend his services to anyone intent on admission to a university. csun

    Jack T. Current CSUN student
  • “During the past two years, Alma Mater Tutors has never failed to provide us with a great tutor for my child! On the rare occasion when the tutor and my daughter didn’t connect, within hours someone new was introduced to us. Whether it is science, math or history, Alma Mater Tutors has a stable of really incredible people who know how to teach, to fill in the gaps, and present material in a way which my child can grasp. And each one is a lovely young person I’m happy to have in our home!”

    Judy K.Parent of Windward School student
  • As a parent, it’s difficult to watch your child struggle with his studies. It’s even worse when it comes down to the end-of-semester crunch time. We needed help and Paul and his Alma Mater Tutors came through for us in just such a squeeze. I can’t praise him, and the two tutors he lined up, enough. Two summer courses my son (who has a learning disability) had trouble with were peaking at almost the same time. Paul had one tutor show up two days before the chem final for a great prep, and another for the final week of an algebra online course. Both performed excellently and helped to deliver maximum effort on my son’s behalf. They raised his confidence and his final grade. You can’t get better than that.

    Michael A.Parent of St. Monica Catholic High School student