College Counseling

We specialize in the use of strategic decision making in the college admissions process to achieve success for each and every one of our students. In order to achieve success in the college admissions process, it is necessary to focus on three distinct phases in the life cycle of an application: the work that occurs before the active application process can begin, the work that occurs during the application process, and the follow-up work that must occur after decisions have been rendered.

Even though applying to college can be notoriously challenging, working with the right private college counselor can make all the difference for you and your child. Finding the right match for our students is what we do best. The process should be fun, informative and engaging. With so much information available, it is essential to make the best use of the student’s time and focus their energies in the right places on their journey. We offer a strategic and balanced college list, merit scholarship application assistance, financial aid application assistance and a comprehensive student background analysis.

A graduate of Sarah Lawrence College, Paul Nicholas is the founder and owner of Alma Mater Tutors in Beverly Hills, California. He earned his Certificate in College Counseling from UCLA with distinction, and is a volunteer college counseling mentor for the Los Angeles chapter of Minds Matter.

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