All L.A. Unified students must pass college-prep courses

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The Los Angeles Unified School District will require all students to pass a college-preparatory curriculum beginning next fall. The Class of 2016, next year’s ninth-graders, will be the first in the nation’s second-largest school system who must take those courses needed to apply to a four-year state university. The Board of Education approved a proposal […]

Preparing for college: 10 tips for success

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1. TIME MANAGEMENT. Set realistic goals and the time needed to accomplish them – and then add another 15 minutes as a buffer. Life happens all around you and is constantly trying to distract you. Budgeting your time also means scheduling your down time. A balanced schedule is a balanced life. 2. HEALTH. In addition […]

Do My SSAT or ISEE Scores Really Matter?

Standardized admissions tests are part of the drill in most private school admissions offices. Why is that? Because the school needs to know what you know and don’t know academically. The SSAT and ISEE are the two most commonly used admissions tests. They measure your language and math skills. How do the admissions offices use […]

SAT Reading Scores Fall To Lowest Level On Record

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Scores on the critical reading portion of the SAT college entrance exam fell three points to their lowest level on record last year, and combined reading and math scores reached their lowest point since 1995. The College Board, which released the scores Wednesday, said the results reflect the record number of students from the high […]

Top 10 Skills for High-School Students

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Whether you’re a freshman or a senior, developing the following ten skills will help you achieve success in school, in your chosen career, and in life. 1. Time Management You know the deal: There are just 24 hours in each day. What you do with that time makes all the difference. While high-school students average […]

Surefire tips for earning grades colleges will notice

At the top of every list of what colleges look for in applicants is a strong academic record. This means both grade point average and strength of academic program. Grades always should be trending upward, and although “stuff happens” grade blips are definitely not desirable. Here are a few surefire tips for earning grades colleges are bound to notice: […]

LAUSD high school exit exam scores up, racial gap narrowing

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LOS ANGELES — Encouraging test results for students in the Los Angeles Unified School District: A larger number of 10th-graders passed the mathematics and English sections of the exit exam this year. The racial gap in the test results is also narrowing. Students are making strides despite the obstacles brought on by budget cuts. “You […]

Many graduates not ready for college, test data suggests

Only about 30 percent of last year’s California high school graduates who took the ACT college entrance exam tested proficient in all subject areas. The state’s best subject was English – 72 percent of students were considered ready for college freshman classes. In science, however, only 34 percent were deemed ready for higher education. “In […]