The College Admissions Essay: Brainstorming for an idea

Summer may have just begun, but for rising seniors, there is plenty they can do during the break to prepare for college applications. While much of their academic and extracurricular records are complete, seniors still have complete control over their application essay. The Common Application has announced its prompts for 2013-14. In addition to these, […]

Surefire tips for earning grades colleges will notice

At the top of every list of what colleges look for in applicants is a strong academic record. This means both grade point average and strength of academic program. Grades always should be trending upward, and although “stuff happens” grade blips are definitely not desirable. Here are a few surefire tips for earning grades colleges are bound to notice: […]

Many graduates not ready for college, test data suggests

Only about 30 percent of last year’s California high school graduates who took the ACT college entrance exam tested proficient in all subject areas. The state’s best subject was English – 72 percent of students were considered ready for college freshman classes. In science, however, only 34 percent were deemed ready for higher education. “In […]