Science Tutoring

The sciences are often the most challenging subjects that students struggle with at any level.

They can also be the most exciting and enjoyable when working with the right tutor.

A passion for the sciences is something that all of our tutors and teachers possess. It is the single most important criteria that we look for when recruiting them to work with us.

From elementary to upper-level high school sciences and everything in between, our tutors are able to clearly and effectively communicate the material to their students in a way they will relate to and understand.

Here are some suggestions to help overcome math and science anxiety:

1. Do not use self-defeating talk. Use positive reinforcement when referring to your abilities in mathematics and science. If you keep telling yourself you “suck at Chemistry”, chances are you probably will.

2. Do not turn away from your intuition since it could lead you toward a possible solution and understanding of the concept and application.

3. Do not consider your questions dumb or stupid when something is unclear or questionable. Asking questions is the first step to finding the answers you are looking for and chances are other students are wondering the same thing.

We offer tutoring for the following Sciences:

  • Physics – up to AP 1, AP 2, AP Physics C: Mechanics & Electricity and Magnetism
  • Chemistry – up to AP and Subject Tests
  • Biology – up to AP and Subject Tests
  • Environmental Sciences – up to AP