How Our Program Works

We custom design an instructional program for each student.

  1. Our first step is to have the student complete a comprehensive diagnostic test.
  2. We determine the student’s strengths and weaknesses based upon the test results.
  3. From there, we custom design a test prep program which will enable the tutor to focus on the areas in greatest need of improvement.
  4. We then select a tutor who will best suit the student’s academic needs and personality.
  5. Instruction is focused on verbal, writing and/or math review, test-taking strategies, and practice with actual exams — the three proven ways to boost scores.
  6. Keep in mind that the SAT and ACT are games. Just as in playing chess, baseball, tennis, or any other game or sport, those who know how the game is played have a huge advantage over those who are ignorant of the game’s idiosyncratic rules.

Recognize the ascending order of difficulty

SAT and ACT math questions become more difficult as you go through each section. If you are nearing the end of a section and find that you cannot figure out the last few questions, don’t waste your time trying to answer them. Your time will be better spent reviewing your answers to the questions in the beginning and middle of the section. Keep in mind that all the questions are weighted the same. You won’t get extra points for answering the hardest questions. Furthermore, a few blank answers will not make a material impact on your score.

Don’t waste time

This probably sounds like self-evident advice. However, we mention it because we’ve often had clients tell us how they inadvertently wound up wasting precious test time by going back to re-read directions after the test had begun, or by not making it back from their hourly breaks promptly. Remember, these activities will take time away from working on the questions.

Read the questions carefully

As silly as this piece of advice may seem, it can make a big difference in your test score. The undisciplined test taker will feel the stress of the clock during the timed sections and will try to cut corners to save time however and whenever possible. As a result, they read questions hastily and often misinterpret them. Test writers are well aware of this tendency and are happy to exploit it. We guarantee that you will encounter questions on the test that offer incorrect answer choices that are deliberately designed to exploit a common misinterpretation of what the question is really asking.

Eliminate the deliberately deceptive wrong choices

With practice, you should begin to recognize how the SAT and the ACT present deliberately deceptive incorrect answer choices. There are several common patterns here that will begin to become apparent as you proceed through your preparation.

Practice, practice, practice

As we stated at the top of this page, there are tips and techniques for these exams that will raise your overall score significantly. As a result, these are tests that you can prepare for – despite what the test-makers state. That is why we recommend buying and using at least two test prep guides, one being the official guide for the test you are taking and the other being a good-quality unofficial guide.

Finally, while we believe every test taker will benefit by reviewing each exam section, we encourage you to spend the most time studying and practicing questions in your weakest subject area. This will provide you with the most efficient use of your test-prep time.