Academic Tutoring

Many students struggle at school when they can’t grasp basic concepts in certain subjects. They become lost in the fast-paced atmosphere of modern education. In a classroom setting, many students are afraid to ask questions, nor do they engage in class conversation for the fear of feeling stupid or being laughed at by their peers. As their grades begin to slip, they lose self-confidence and motivation. School becomes a drudge and homework becomes a huge challenge. They are embarrassed to tell their parents that they don’t understand the work, for fear of being poorly judged and letting them down.

When a struggling student is matched up with a compatible, passionate tutor for one-on-one tutoring, he or she begins to see a light at the end of the tunnel, and his or her confidence starts to soar. The student is able to open up to the tutor, asking as many questions as needed without feeling awkward. The perfect tutor brings out the best in a student while developing a study plan to strengthen the student’s weaknesses. When the student is having trouble understanding something, the tutor can spend more time explaining the concept in a way that the student understands. The perfect tutor is able to determine a student’s learning style and tailors the lessons accordingly.

One on One tutoring offered for the following subjects:


Elementary & Middle School Math


Algebra 1 & 2





Calculus – to AP

Statistics – to AP


Physics – to AP

Chemistry – to AP

Biology – to AP

Physical Science

Earth Science


Environmental Sciences

Language Arts

Reading Comprehension

Elementary Reading & Phonics

English Language & Literature– to AP

Spelling, vocabulary and grammar

Spanish, French, Mandarin and Latin – to AP

Composition, Essays and Personal Statements

History and Humanities

Elementary Social Studies

American Government


American History – to AP

European History – to AP

World History – to AP

Macro and Micro Economics – to AP

AP Human Geography

Art History to AP